Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sex Puppies

If sexy young women are "sex kittens," then what should we call sexy young men? – How about "Sex Puppies?"

Sex Puppies are sexy young men (of legal age, of course!) who are physically mature but retain all their sweet boyish innocence. It's as if their manhood is so recent that we are aware of it before they are.

My vote for classic Sex Puppy-extraordinaire is Jack Larson, who played Jimmy Olsen in the 1950's Adventures of Superman TV series. He was the cute, curly-haired, innocent office boy/cub reporter who constantly needed to be rescued by Superman.

What makes him a Sex Puppy? Well, in addition to the cutely boyish face, thick curly hair, soft timid voice, diminutive size, and extra-polite manners, Jack Larson/Jimmy Olson possessed a hot grown-up man's body.

In this episode in Season 1, as Jimmy prowls around a spooky hotel in the middle of the night, his jacket falls opens to reveal a broad, hard chest, some chest hair, and a pair of taut nipples. Turning around and leaning over the bannister, he shows off the contours of his nice bubble butt.

Out of his Jimmy Olsen clothes, Jack Larson was man enough to be Montgomery Clift's boyfriend in the 1950s. Later, he became the life partner of director James Bridges. An erudite, accomplished man of the arts, Jack went on to become a playwright, opera librettist, and producer, after his run as Jimmy Olsen.

Today's sexiest Sex Puppy has got to be Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter: