Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Posting Schedule, and a Preview

For the summer, I'm going to slow down my posting schedule a bit, with a new post going up each Thursday. (Up until now I've been posting twice a week.)

As always, I greatly enjoy sharing my screen visions with you, and love hearing your responses.

This Thursday, stop by and join me in taking a bath with George Raft.


  1. Sorry to hear you won't be updating as much, but I understand. After all, I'm busy doing my own break from constant updates. Still, I always love looking at the sexy men you bring to me and talking to you.


  2. Hey mark, once a week is better than not at all I reckon..look forward to thursdays then.

  3. We will love what ever you choose to dangle in front of us--wait--that sounds even nastier than I meant it to....

    Johnny Sheffield update: For those readers with Turner Classic Movies, "Bomba the Jungle Boy" is playing on Wed, June 22 in the evening for those of us in the Eastern time zone...

    Buster Crabbe and me: I have been having a daily dose each morning of the serial "Buck Rogers." There was a great moment when the evil, but kind of hot, Killer Kane put the dreaded Amnesia Helmut on Buck/Buster. It wiped out all of Buck's memory and will power--and the first thing Kane ordered compliant Buck to do was "kneel and polish my boots..." He knealt...and I rose...

  4. Ace, Wally, and FelchingPisser, You guys are among my most stalwart supporters, for which I am very grateful.

    FP, Thanks for the Johnny Sheffield Bomba alert. It's great to get to see Johnny in action, and the Bomba films are so much fun yet rarely broadcast, so this is a terrific opportunity for those with access.

    A Buster a day keeps the doctor away...
    Don't you just love dialogue like that? Do you think they really didn't know what they were evoking? Or do you think they were having a great naughty laugh?