Thursday, May 19, 2011

Adonis in Distress

Here's the way it always goes, right?... a beautiful damsel is set upon by a rapacious villain, kidnapped and imprisoned, her virtue and life threatened, until she can be rescued by the brave hero.

Or is that how it always goes?

On occasion in classic film, the beauty in distress is a humpy male, who is stripped of all his masculine power - not to mention his clothes.

In The Mask of Fu Manchu, an outlandishly delicious horror film from 1932, matinee idol Charles Starrett makes the mistake of tangling with the fiendish Dr. Fu Manchu (Boris Karloff) and his evil daughter (Myrna Loy), leading to his being stripped, whipped, restrained nearly naked on an operating table, and enduring a will-zapping injection.

Myrna oversees his stripping and whipping, making no attempt to hide her mounting sexual frenzy, as she orders her slaves to whip him faster, faster, faster! The hapless Charles dangles by his wrists, groaning and spinning helplessly, in one of the most outrageous sexually-charged S&M scenes I've ever seen in any film, much less an 80-year old classic! (Note the two hulking male slaves that do it all to him mercilessly. Be still my fluttering heart.)

Here's Charles Starrett with his clothes still on.

Here he is before, during, and after being stripped and whipped.

Following his whipping, Charles is strapped to an operating table, near-naked and writhing, as Boris prepares the dreaded serum. A ring of muscular slaves stands guard while Myrna looks on. Hold on tight as the injection is about to begin! (Key ingredient of the serum: venum from a gigantic snake. No phallic imagery there, of course.)

If ever there were an Adonis in distress, Charles Starrett is he.


  1. Oh, my, yes....Is there any wonder I like to shackle handsome men to my sling frame and work them over when I grew up watching (and loving!) scenes like this???? Charles Starrett kept his looks, too--making all those countless westerns later in his career almost bearable.

  2. FelchingPisser, That's the perfect example of life imitating art.

    I need to track down some of those Charles Starrett westerns. He was made for a saddle and stirrups.

  3. Hi man, i never saw that film but that guy is nice looking especially when he is standed on the table in his loin cloth. Would love somebody doing that to me someday.


  4. Hi Yves, Hopefully somebody hotter than Boris Karloff. Although I guess he could be fiendishly sexy.

  5. I have not seen or heard of this film,it sure does look like an interesting Movie to watch Mark.Charles is a good looker indeed, can't say much for the Boris look!

  6. Hi Wally, The movie is on DVD in the States, but I don't know about Australia. DVDs that are coded for North American DVD players don't generally play in Europe or Australia.

    Yes, Boris Karloff is not exactly a sex symbol. Luckily Charles Starrett is sexy enough to carry the whole film!

    However, I will say that, although Boris is known for looking scary in his monster roles, I have seen pix of him shirtless and he has an exceptionally lean and sinewy body - and of course that gorgeous speaking voice.